Astra Pani Walalu
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recipe image Astra Pani Walalu
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  • snack
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  • medium
  • rice
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Pani Walalu

Astra Pani Walalu

These crunchy deep-fried goodies are filled with sweet syrup that is perfect to satisfy your sweet tooth.

deep-fried goodies

  • Preparation time
    1 hour
  • Ready In2 hour
  • Servings
    20 portions
  • Medium


  • whole urad 200 grams
  • rice flour 300 grams
  • coconut milk 1 cup
  • Astra 200 grams
  • vanilla 1 teaspoon
  • coconut oil 4 millilitres
  • salt

Nutritional values (per serving)

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  1. Mix together undu flour, rice flour, coconut milk and 50g of Astra. (can use a blender as well). Once mixed well, cover and leave for 4 hours for the mixture to rise. Heat the treacle until thick and keep aside. Next heat the coconut oil with the remaining Astra. To create the pani walalu either use a piping bag or a piping syringe (traditionally this was done with the use of a large handkerchief with a hold made in the center) drop the mixture into the hot oil in a circular motion to create the shape. Fry until they are golden. Once fried remove the pani walalu from heat, drain excess oil and dip them in the pre made Treacle mixture to coat them evenly. Once coated completely remove from treacle mix and keep aside.